Arming Yourself With Non Lethal Self Defense Weapons

Criminals are always looking for their next victim. Put the odds in your favor with a self defense product. Experience the difference of knowing you can protect yourself. Even if you never have to use that pepper spray you are carrying you will feel more secure and confident knowing that its there.

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These days, pepper spray is a big seller as a personal protection alternative to carrying a gun or keeping a dog. Reasons to buy pepper spray include assault statistics and a commitment to non-lethal weapons. There are a variety of ways to obtain pepper spray legally on the open market.

Anyone looking to buy pepper spray should carefully consider many different pepper sprays available on the market. All pepper sprays are not created equal. A good place to start is by taking a close look at products being used by police and other law enforcement agencies. If they find it effective at putting down various types of criminals, it’s a good bet that it will work for you as well. Check out some frequently asked questions here to get more information about the best pepper spray for your needs.

When you finally come to the realization to purchase defense spray, its invigorating. When you are safe not only do you feel happier, you also feel more protected and self empowered. I am happy your reading this because I want you to feel nothing but empowerment.

A question that every new pepper spray purchaser asks before they get pepper spray is where they should buy it. This is an awesome question. You can buy your spray anywhere but I always recommend they buy them online. Its easier to do and its delivered to your door.

When you buy a pepper spray my advice is to buy one that fits your needs. Given the fact that you might not need to use your pepper spray, get something compact and light. I always advise people to pick one that fits in their purse of seat belt easily.

Pepper spray should be aimed at someone’s eyes and face . This causes irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. This causes temporary incapacitation and can cause temporary blindness. At such a high level of pain and discomfort, it makes it nearly impossible for an attacker to think about harming you. It makes pepper spray an effective, affordable choice for personal protection at any budget.